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A chance to discover an extraordinary community, a place unique both to Italy and the world. A place that has made history, a place that has made a difference to society and that continues to male a difference to the lives of thousands of addicts and their families. Spend a day getting to know the residents of San Patrignano, and share a special experience both for you and for your hosts.

They will take you through the various working sectors and introduce you to the people that live and breath this community every day, for which San Patrignano has become a home and a family.

The community is spread over 300 hectare and looks after 1300 residents completely free of charge. They are divided amongst 50 sectors, each one specializing in a different skill. The focus of the tour is to visit the various sectors, as well as our medical centre and school, to see how it all works and to see how our residents learn the crafts that will help them find work once they leave.

You will then get an opportunity to sit down with us and eat in our great dining hall, enjoying the various cheeses, bread, salami and wine that we produce.

We are offering you a totally immersive experience, a chance to discover the true values that have maintained San Patrignano as a world-renowned rehabilitative community.

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