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“Every time I come here I am left with this beautiful feeling that lives in all of you. It is a mixture between a strength that never strays on the side of intimidating, which cannot be confused for arrogance, and a happiness that you can tell has been fought for. What you find here is a group of people that are building towards their future, day by day, inch by inch”


“The people from San Patrignano are amazing!

I’ve just come back from my visit to Sanpa. It was a beautiful day; besides the warm welcome and seeing how a structure such as this one works, I had the amazing pleasure of meeting the great people that make up the fabric of your community.

The people here have all faced difficulty in their lives, they have stumbled and fallen to the ground. Here they are learning how to pick themselves back up again, engaging in a very difficult program that lasts several years.

Well, when I came I found people that were genuinely happy, that were open and willing to share their experience with us perfect strangers. There wasn’t even a hint of embarrassment, they were proud of what the work that they are doing.

Slowly but surely the work becomes a source of gratification, and is a fundamental part of their Great Journey of self-discovery, of accepting themselves for who they are and to help one another.

I consider each piece of what they were willing to share with me a fantastic gift, and I want to thank San Patrignano for this.”


“I just wanted to thank you. I just had to. It was simply amazing and you guys were great. An unforgettable day that will stay in my hear forever!! Everyone should visit! The warmest greeting, a huge hug, and people who wish you all the best once you leave. Strength and courage guys!!! ”


“I wanted to thank you for the day I spent with you, an truly unforgettable experience. It’s not just a visit to see all the sectors, to see how they produce their cheeses or create their amazing furniture. It’s an opportunity to see how people change their lives.”


“During my visit to today, I often thought of my daughter, who is always worrying about to what to wear or where she is going for dinner. I thought that if I was the mother of Eleonora, the girl who accompanied us today, I would be proud of it. People who end up here shouldn’t be ashamed, they should be so proud of themselves.”


“The real challenge today was to leave San Patrignano where one lives a true life, and returns out there in the world of ephemeral and vanity. Knowing Deborah and Luigi, our companions, has changed my perspective on so many things. Enter San Patrignano with many preconceptions and get out of here, but rich in values.”


“The visit to San Patrignano should be compulsory. Like getting a driver’s license or wearing a seat belt. It saves your life.”


“Visiting the Community was a unique and engaging experience. I would like to thank our companions for the day Michela and Alessandro. I don’t think I am able to convey to you in words the emotions and extraordinary energy that breathes in that silence that falls upon the dining hall and the 1300 souls that fill it, right at that moment before you start your lunch.”


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